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Structural Steel Erection

Recent News
We have developed a process that will allow us to run up to 8 welding machines from a single power source.  This will reduce fuel consumption and discharge less carbon monoxide into the atmosphere.

Blazin Iron'

Like any successful business, you must have a specialty. This is ours. Blazin' Iron has extensive experience in the assembly of structural steel components. We are capable of field fabricating, if necessary, and offering acceptable solutions for correcting fabrication errors, masonry and concrete errors, and general dimensional errors on the project drawings. Our knowledge and experience in these types of matters is a valuable tool needed to maintain productivity and the project schedule.

We use all terrain forklifts for the vast majority of erecting steel. If the project requires it, we can use a rough terrain crane or a crawler crane for erection purposes. Our experience has shown us that using cranes increases the cost, and overall duration, of the steel erection process. We are continually developing new procedures that allow us to be significantly more efficient than other steel erectors.